Sign of the Cross

We begin and end our prayers with the Sign of the Cross.


How do we make the Sign of the Cross?

We join the thumb and first two fingers of our right hand together, while bending the last two fingers into the palm of our hand.

Then, we trace the Sign of the Cross over our body by touching the forehead, the chest or abdomen, the right shoulder, and the left shoulder. This is done while saying:

In the name of the Father  (forehead)

And of the Son (abdomen or mid-section)

And of the Holy Spirit  (right shoulder)

Amen.  (left shoulder)

We always make the Sign of the Cross carefully, with love for God. It is a very simple and beautiful prayer!

Why do we make the Sign of the Cross?

By making the Sign of the Cross, we dedicate our whole being and our whole life to God. We give Him everything: our prayers, words, deeds and all our activities.

What we are silently saying is this: Lord God, what I am about to do, is for You. May You be glorified by my prayer, my work and my rest. Lord, may I live this day for You!

Scripture Verse

“Whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31