The Shroud of Turin Exposition

Solemn Exposition of an Official Replica
Authorized by the Archdiocese of Turin

NEXT PRESENTATION – Sunday, February 19, 2019, 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Facilitator: Edward Hecker

More information: 2019 Shroud Presentation

Welcome and Introduction
–Bishop David

It is with much love and great joy in my heart that I welcome you to Saint Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral as we solemnly receive and place on exposition for veneration an official replica of the Shroud of Turin.

While there are thousands of photographic reproductions of the Shroud of Turin around the world readily made available through the internet, our copy is even more unique among the handful of reproductions that have been authorized by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Turin, Italy, the custodians of the original shroud.  It was made using the best photographic definition possible, and was authorized by the Archdiocesan Commission of the Shroud, which has verified the copy to original Shroud of Turin.

This authentic replica of the Shroud of Turin was gifted to the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton by the Archdiocese of Turin as part of our 25 Year Pastoral Plan for Spiritual Growth and Renewal.  Truly a most precious gift!

During the two years from the time of the initial request to the Archdiocese of Turin for an official replica of the Shroud until today, I asked myself repeatedly, “Lord, if we are indeed blessed with a true copy of the Shroud of Turin, and open our doors wide to believers and non-believers alike, what will they come to see?”

And I ask that question of you today.
What have you come to see?

At first glance, we have come out of curiosity to see this thing we call the Shroud of Turin.

Come and see what is it?