Shroud of Turin

A Video Presentation

Face of The Shroud of Turin

Our video presentation on the Shroud of Turin features the exposition of an official full size photographic replica on cotton cloth which has been produced under the authority of the Archdiocese of Turin, Italy.  It has been gifted to Bishop David from the Archbishop of Turin. The presentation examines the most intriguing and amazing characteristics of the Shroud of Turin, many of which can be discerned and appreciated only in our time because of advances in science and technology.  Aided by our scientific knowledge and the history of Church art, we are able to trace the most probable historical journey of the Shroud from the tomb of Christ to the city of Turin in Italy. In the video presentation, you will find answers to the following important questions:

    • What have we learned from science about the authenticity of the cloth?
    • Is there any reason to think it has been elsewhere other than Europe in its history?
    • Are there any connections between church prayers or art with the Shroud of Turin?
    • Are there any other religious artifacts that shed light on the Shroud of Turin?
    • If it is real, what does that mean for our faith?

Edward Hecker

Our Presenter

Our presenter, Ed Hecker, is a retired teacher who lives in Edmonton. He has a Bachelor of Theology with a major in Scripture which he earned at Newman Theological College and a Bachelor of Education from the U of A.


Group or School Presentations

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