Prayer Requests

Are you or someone you know suffering or going into a challenging time?  Lord have mercy!
The St. Josaphat Apostleship of Prayer Group counts it a privilege to pray for you and your needs.

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Members receive a list of prayer intentions for the week, usually on Mondays.  In critical times requests are sent out as needed. Prayer intentions are remembered at weekday Divine Liturgies.

There are two ways to make a request:

  1. Send your request to
  2. Call the Parish Office at 780-422-3181. Leave your request with the secretary or record your request on the answering machine.



2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Please Pray for my best friend Fahd he is Sick and in pain also he now finds himself homeless and without income He Needs Gods help direction and protection thanks

  2. Family protection prayer request against Proverb 6−16 evildoers japanese bystander groups here in Japan. Black color painted window vehicles park, come near our church here in Japan, european mother are worry about tailing harassment disturbance persistently.Fake christian disturb us,threat us, also orphan are force to be acting evil at church rituals,looks so ugly,because orphan are intimidate from behind,but that the way of japanese custom.

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