Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a representative body of the parishioners of St. Josaphat Cathedral, whose purpose is to promote the mission of the Church. It is the main coordinating and unifying body of the parish and is responsible for overall parish pastoral development, formulating policies and procedures, and developing goals and objectives for presentation at the Annual General Meeting, and reviewing their implementation regularly.

The Pastoral Council fulfills its responsibilities by perceiving a particular pastoral need, studying it with prayer and dialogue, and proposing to the rector (pastor) and the parish a way to respond to that need.


Pastor – Rev. Fr. Peter Babej
Chair – Rick Doblanko
1st Vice-Chair – Lidia Wasylyn
2nd Vice-Chair – Andrea Szabo
Secretary – Kathy Tachynski
Treasurer – Andriy Cherwick

Directors and Committees

Sunday School Director – Andrea Leader
Adult Faith Director – Ed Hecker 
Adult Book Club – Lauren Girard
Liturgical Director – Zenon Wojnowskyj
Maintenance Director – Mike Sorochuk
Hall Committee – Greg Warwa (chair)
Casino Director – Mike Sorochuk
Bingo Director – Ron Zapisocki


Greg Warwa, Knights of Columbus
Carol Batty, UCWLC
Ed Hladunewich, UCBC
Denise Lucyshyn, St. Josaphat Cathedral Choir
Barb Shipman, Apostleship of Pryaer
Altar Servers
Children of Mary, Theodosia Babej

Parish Constitution

Click the link below to view St. Josaphat’s Cathedral updated By-Laws; 



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