Welcome to St. Josaphat’s!

Welcome to Edmonton’s vibrant center for all eastern Catholics! At St. Josaphat’s, everyone is welcomed to come pray with us at any of our Divine Liturgies! We have both English and Ukrainian Divine Liturgies so everyone in the community can be included! 

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St. Josaphat's Cathedral

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Liturgy Times


Saturday Vigil

4:00 PM – Great Vespers

5:00 PM – Divine Liturgy (English and Ukrainian)

Sunday Morning

7:30 AM – Great Matins

9:00 AM – Rosary Prayer

9:30 AM – Divine Liturgy (English)

11:00 AM – Divine Liturgy (Ukrainian) 


7:30 AM  – Divine Liturgy (Monday to Friday)

9:00 AM – Divine Liturgy (Saturday)

St. Josaphat's Cathedral
St. Josaphat's Cathedral
The Shroud of Turin at St. Josaphat's
Christmas at St. Josaphat's
St Josaphat's Cathedral
Shroud of Turin at St. Josaphat's
St. Josaphat's Book Store
UCWLC Museum
UCWLC Museum Entrance
UCWLC Museum Figures
UCWLC Museum Pysankys
First Communion Table
St. Josaphat's Cathedral
Palm Sunday
St. Josaphat's Cathedral
St. Josaphat's Cathedral
St. Josaphat's Cathedral
St. Josaphat's Cathedral
St. Josaphat's Cathedral


Common Questions about us…


Is there parking at St. Josaphat’s? Yes! There is plenty of parking behind the cathedral before any of our Divine Liturgies!

Will I be expected to donate? We do not pressure you to donate! When the collection tray is passed around, politely pass it to the next person!

What is the dress code? Pray with us with what you’re comfortable in! If you prefer business casual or sweats, our focus is to connect with Christ! If you wish to walk and dress your best, as Christ is our guest, that’s alright! 

Do I need to know Ukrainian or be an Eastern Catholic? No! We offer our Divine Liturgies in English so everyone can be involved! You do not need to be Catholic to attend and pray in any of our Divine Liturgies! We do ask you refrain from receiving Holy Communion unless you are Catholic. 

How can I get involved? We have numerous organizations from the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood to St. Josaphat’s Bible Study! We encourage you to get involved and take part in our community by simply contacting one of our team members for more information!  

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Make sure to visit the UCWLC Museum after Divine Liturgy!

UCWLC Museum Entrance

The UCWLC Museum is located in the parish basement, for more information, visit https://stjosaphat.ab.ca/ucwlc-museum/

Visit our Book Store Located in the Cathedral Basement!

St. Josaphat's Book Store

Drop by our book store that stocks a large variety of products! For more information, check out https://stjosaphat.ab.ca/st-josaphats-book-store/ 

Get Involved at St. Josaphat’s!

Knights Family Day Breakfast

Make sure to get involved in one of our many organizations from the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood to our Bible Study! 

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