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Brother Ed Kostyshen
Bro. Edward Kostyshen
October 14, 1938 – July 16, 2014
Tribute – Bro. Edward Kostyshen
October 14, 1938 – July 16, 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, especially to you, Della, Gary, Susan, Laura, and all your loved ones:
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to pay tribute on behalf of the Brotherhood to our dear friend, Brother Edward, who had a profound impact on each one of us. Knowing Ed, we are immediately reminded of Matthew 16:20, where Jesus instructs: “…. teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
This was the command of Jesus to us in the Great Commission — Brother Ed Kostyshen took this commandment very seriously throughout his life, whether as a teacher, a principal, the Pastoral Council President, the Parish Hall Chairman, or the President of the Brotherhood of St. Josaphat in two different terms, first in 1987 and then in 1995.
He was our fraternal Brother, our friend, our mentor, and a goal-oriented disciplined disciple who has now been embraced by Jesus. Whenever he was in our midst, we talked about every phase of human life — physical, mental, and spiritual. He spoke about every facet; from politics and the human condition, to architecture and accessibility; to the legacy of our forefathers who were immigrant pioneers, trail blazers, nation builders, and ground breakers to establish our church and our country. For Brother Ed, living his faith was as natural as breathing. The Commandment “Love Your Neighbour as Yourself,” was his normal Christian way of life. His heart was saturated with joy, social justice, and stewardship — this with unending Love of our Ukrainian Catholic Church and our Culture.
Brother Ed reflected God’s Grace, not only by his presence and participation in Liturgical life, but in his acts of charity he included in his busy schedule. Brother Ed relentlessly served in many roles — whether as a power-wash guru during spring-cleaning of our church, or as an event organizer who often acted as master of ceremonies, he was a most capable and dedicated volunteer. Bro. Ed generously gave of his time in many ways:

  • in our parish, such as Executive member, committee leader, Epistle reader, lector, treasurer, or wherever/whenever he was needed
  • in the Eparchy, such as Vice-President of UCBC, volunteer at Camp Oselia (our children’s camp), or President of Centralia (which unites our men, women, and youth organizations)
  • in the global community, such as a significant involvement in the Knights of Columbus

Brother Ed was an apostle of Jesus Christ, who had a gentle soul which sparkled in his eyes and gave meaning to life, even when his recent response to visits was just a handshake. He walked and talked the “way of the Cross”, and will be truly remembered by all who knew him.
As a further tribute — at the foot of the coffin lays the Brotherhood satin sash, the lenta, with the blue band representing the heavenly skies reminiscent of our joyful resting place, and the gold band representing the earthly fields, where Brother Ed was a faithful servant.
We pray for the repose of the soul of Brother Ed Kostyshen, and will forever cherish the privilege of being with him. He is with us In Everlasting Memory — Вічная Пам’ять!
Presented By: Brother Ron Zapisocki, KSV