Welcome to St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood

The Bratstva (Brotherhood) is the lay men’s club of the parish. We are organized at three levels: The branch, Eparchial and National.  St. Josaphat Bratstva continually over 60 years serves St. Josaphat’s Cathedral, parishioners and community as itsRight Hand of the Altar”.

The need is great but the reward is Divine!

As brothers we: organize, teach, fundraise, lead, support, protect, pray, built, and cared with God, passion, honour and integrity to our parish, our parishioners and our community.
Even through our parish and numbers have declined our service has not. In fact, the Bratstva has kept working even harder to sustain and grow its programs and activities which have been done for decades.
Today, the need is great but reward is Divine. The activities and projects all came with challenges that could not have been achieved without the solidarity of exceptional Brothers and Laity coming together with honour to managed the variety of programs and projects. This however, can not be sustained without you our next generation.
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It is our time to re-strengthen
our parish and our community

Join the Brotherhood and be apart of the Bratstva!