Exposition of Shroud of Turin replica

— An official replica gift to the Edmonton Eparchy / St. Josaphat’s Cathedral which attracts hundreds of visitors to the Cathedral. It was the Brotherhood who organized ushers, security, captured signatures of visitors and performed hosting duties.

Parish Committee

Before there was a committee it was the Brothers that took care of a great deal of the parishes administrations. Today, this is a laity committee formed from the laity of the parish of which the brotherhood has strong membership.

Annual Parish Picnic

— The organization On Sunday, June 22, 2014 at Camp Oselia parish picnic, the Brotherhood aligned with the Ladies League (UCWLC) and Fr. Dydyk Council (Knight of Columbus) to host the Parish picnic.

Mothers Day

— A highlight in May where the Brothers adorned every mother with carnations.

Palm Sunday

— Harvest and distribution of Pussy willow branches.

Good Friday and Holy Saturday all night Vigil

— Organized Brothers and parishioner to make the Cathedral open all hours for prayer and veneration.

Bible Study Class

— Weekly scriptural education. Reading, studies and

Divine Liturgy Ushering and Collections

— collections and ushering at Divine Liturgies a special thanks to Brothers Victor Fedyna and Peter Dziedzic.

Grey Cup Raffle

— Brotherhood’s annual fundraiser in support of the Matura project.

Ukrainian Pavilion at the Annual Heritage Days Festival

— A pavilion that showcases the Dispora of Ukrainian Culture to all visitors. The Brotherhood has organize and instrumented from the 1st event brothers and volunteers from various parishes and branches in the planning, construction, operations and completion.

Annual Matura Icon and video Project

— An Icon-Matura-Cross-Award that is presented to the grade twelve Ukrainian Bilingual graduates. This program has run and developed for over 15 years where various Brothers undergo designing, procuring funds (Grey Cup Raffle), construction and video production of the ceremony.

Heritage Book

— A book writing project that is to distill a biographical history of the St. Josaphat’s Bratstva.

Leader for Tomorrow

A program aimed to mentor youth from the wisdom of the Brotherhood.

Bingos and Casinos

— The Brotherhood are the custodians (administrate, manage and work) for St. Josaphat’s parishes Casino and Bingo fundraising. Funds raised through these efforts support of the Cathedral expenses. Funds raised are in excess of over $100,000.

Honour Guard

— Brotherhood and Clergy Funerals, Orders and Special functions/occasions the Brothers form honour an guard to pay the utmost respect.

Maintained Parish Website

– The maintenance and development of the Cathedral website ( and consultations to Eparchy.

Established Free WiFi

– Within the cathedral basement for programs, visitors, and laity use/enjoyment.
Procured, deployed and maintain computer workstations and presentation equipment.

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