The Nave

Walking down the nave from the transept towards the narthex, from east to west, we come to the first arc, which is decorated with paintings of fish. The fish is one of the oldest Christian symbols. The Greek for fish, ikhthys, is an acronym formed from the initial letters of the Greek words: Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Saviour. The fish soon became the identifying sign of Christians.

The Crucifixion of our LordOn the first part of the ceiling is a painting of the crucifixion. The crucified Lord has both His feet nailed separately, and is pierced on the right side, in keeping with Eastern iconographic traditions. The Mother of God and St. John are standing on each side of the cross.

Prof. Bucmaniuk succeeded in portraying expressions of profound pain and sorrow, along with an unearthly peace and composure.

On the second part of the ceiling of the nave, separated from the first with an arc decorated with a lamb, is an ethereal and transparent painting of Christ’s Resurrection. The Risen Christ is holding a cross in one hand, with the flowing linen cloth draping over the other; an angel is supporting the stone from the tomb.


The third part of the nave’s ceiling, separated from the second with an arc decorated with lilies, is devoted to the Mother of God. She is depicted in the traditional Ukrainian Pokrov (protection, patronage) style, with a maphorion in her hands – the symbol of her protection.



Angels with trumpets

On the ceiling above the choir gallery there are four harps – symbols of praise unto the Lord; and on the rear wall of the choir gallery are two angels with trumpets summoning people to praise God in song.


On the north and south walls of the nave, among the stained-glass windows, are paintings of several Basilian priests, who were connected in some way with the parish. On the north wall are Frs. Paul Myskiw, the then protoarchimandrite; Sozont Dydyk; and Platonid Filas. On the south wall are Frs. V. Shewchuk, the then provincial; N. Kryzanowsky; and Matthew Hura.

painting of Jesus – the Good ShepherdOn the ceiling beneath the choir loft is a painting of Jesus – the Good Shepherd; and on the west wall, among the three entrance doors, are two ornately painted crosses.


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