Icon Corner

What is an icon?

The word icon comes from the Greek word eikon, which means image. Icons are painted images of Jesus, Mary, the Saints, and events from Holy Scripture. Icons are not pictures of the past. They are meant to be windows into heaven, through which we see the living, as they are, eternal in the kingdom of God.

Why icons?

Icons help us to focus when we pray. They bring us into the presence of God and create a sense of reverence. Icons can also be used to instruct those who are unable to read.

Do we worship icons?

No! We do not worship icons, we venerate them. When we kiss them, cense them, and light candles before them, our acts of love are immediately transferred to the real person or persons, as they are in the kingdom of God.

What is an icon corner?

The icon corner is a special place in our home, set aside for icons and prayer. It usually includes: an icon of Jesus (the Head of the Church); an icon of Mary with the Child Jesus (the Mother of the Church); and St. Nicholas (the model of charity and hospitality). The corner may also include: a cross, a Bible, prayerbooks, a catechism, candles or a vigil lamp, holy water, a censer and incense.