Feast of St. Demetrius

Iconography of Saint DemetriusSaint Demetrius was a third-century saint who was born of wealthy and devout parents. His father was the commander of the army at Salonica who, upon his death, insured that his only son, Demetrius, would succeed him as commander. It seemed that at this point in his life, Demetrius had everything he could ever hope for: wealth, a promising career, the admiration of countless men and the respect of the Emperor. However, there was one thing in the life of Saint Demetrius that was more important than all these things: his love for Jesus Christ. Demetrius’ secret Christianity was exposed when the Emperor ordered Demetrius, as commander of the army, to slaughter all Christians in Salonica.

Iconography of Saint DemetriusWhen the saint refused, the Emperor threatened him with imprisonment and execution. Demetrius joyfully accepted his fate and would not waver. He gave away all his wealth and possessions to the poor and then allowed himself to be imprisoned and executed for his faith.

We celebrate the Feast of Saint Demetrius, our patron saint, on October 26th of each year.

–Taken from Eastern Christian Bulletin Service; Farifax, Virginia

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(Our Cathedral is named after this Feast Day)