Children of Mary

AGE:  All girls ages 7 and up, who have completed the program for First Confession and Solemn Holy Communion.

DESCRIPTION: We invite all girls ages 7 and up to join Children of Mary. It is an opportunity for young girls to participate in Sunday service through activities such as handing out bulletins, leading the rosary, and holding candles during the Gospel. Once-a-month meetings will include fun activities and will provide the opportunity for young girls to learn more about Mother Mary, who has set an example that all girls and young woman should strive to follow.

DATES AND TIMES: Meetings with take place once a month. The start date and time – to be announced.

LOCATION: St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, 10825 97th Street N.W. Edmonton, Alberta T5H 2M4.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you are interested or have any questions please contact Theodosia Babej at <> or the Parish Office at 780-422-3181 or <>.