Internment Memorial Card to Commemorate 100th Anniversary WWI Internment Camp

For the 2014 Brotherhood Recognition Day, the Eparchial Brotherhood developed an Icon Card to commemorate the beginning of the 100th Anniversary of Canada’s First World War Internment Camp Operations which will be commemorated for a 5 year period which already began in 2014 and will continue on until 2020.

The icon cards are designed by Bro. Joseph Synyshyn and normally depict the yearly proclamation for a specific yearly celebration as declared by the annual “Synod of Bishops” of the “Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church”.
The purpose if this Icon Card is to:

  • Make people aware of this atrocity.
  • That this really happened.
  • To remember all those that were interned.
  • To perhaps make some descendants aware of some ancestors that may have been interned.
  • To educate people about the “Canada War Measures Act”.
  • To inform that there were other ethnic peoples also interned, not only Ukrainians, although they were the majority.
  • The Brotherhood also prepared a Slide Show and presentation about the Internment which is being presented to:
  • Students enrolled in English/Ukrainian Bilingual Schools
  • Interested Clubs and Organizations
  • Ukrainian Catholic Parishes
  • Any other persons, clubs, organizations that express an interest in this atrocity.

The Icon Cards and presentation was developed by Bro. Joseph Synyshyn, KSV Director – Communications & Programs. Translation into Ukrainian was done by Bro. Radomir Bilash, President of the Brotherhood of St. George Ukrainian Catholic parish.
Brotherhood Recognition Day Icon Cards are prepared yearly for distribution to all Ukrainian Catholic Parishes in the Edmonton Eparchy on a Sunday that is designated as “Brotherhood Recognition Day” normally in November of each year.

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