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CURRENT CAPACITY – According to the new directives, attendance in places of worship is reduced to 15% of the space capacity. If you have not been attending Divine Liturgy regularly please check in with the Parish Office to ensure we have capacity to accommodate you.  Please note that we have added a third Divine Liturgy to Sunday (8:00 am – English) to help keep our capacity in check.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & BEST WISHES – to Doreen Buga, Noelle Misko, Nicholas Doblanko, John Vizza, Jane Chamaschuk, Carol Batty, Terry Klowak, Solomiia Savaryn, Jullian Savaryn, Danielle Berry, Anastasia Sych, and to all who celebrated their birthdays or anniversaries this past week, or will celebrate this upcoming week. May God bless you with health, happiness and peace! Mnohaya Lita!!!


1.    In Edmonton, face masks are now mandatory for entry into places of worship. You must wear a face mask to enter the church. However, if you have a medical exemption, you are not obligated to wear a mask.

2.    Hand-sanitization at the entrance to the church is required.

3.    The faithful are required to sign in for upon entry. You will need to answer the health questions. You may enter the church for Divine Liturgy if:

a.     You are in good health, with no on-going medical conditions.

b.     You have not been tested for COVID and you are not awaiting test results.

c.      You have not been in contact with someone who has COVID.

d.     You have not travelled outside of the country in the past two weeks.

e.     You do not have cold symptoms such as: a runny hose, a sore throat, persistent cough, sneezing, headache, feel weak or exhausted.

4.    Maintain physical distancing. Families or members of the same household may sit in the same pew.

5.    No policing to take place. If you have any concerns, please inform THE PASTOR. Please refrain from making any judgments and keep in mind that some people are exempt due to health issues.

6.    No congregational singing.

7.    No veneration of icons.

8.    Children are to remain in pews with parents.

9.    Approach Holy Communion – to closest station to you, maintaining physical distancing in accordance with the floor markings.

10.  Exit – by north or south doors.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31 – a Divine Liturgy of Thanksgiving for the 2020 year will be celebrated at 9:00 AM. Great Vespers & Lytia (for January 1) will be celebrated 5:30 PM.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 1Circucision and Naming of our Lord; St. Basil the Great; New Year’s Day. Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great will be celebrated at 10:30 AM (Bilingual).

2021 ENVELOPES – are ready for pick-up downstairs.

2021 LITURGICAL CALENDARS – are available today for pick-up! Sincerest thanks to Rev. Father Michael Winn, Rector of Holy Spirit Seminary, for typesetting, editing, and preparing the 2021 Calendar for printing. Our sincerest thanks also to Park Memorial Ltd. for covering the costs associated with printing. May God bless!

PARISH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED – Friday, January 1, 2021.

LIVESTREAM VIA TELUS OPTIK – Please note that starting Monday, December 21, livestream will now be featured on a dedicated Catholic faith channel (Alberta based communities), Channel 877.

THEOPHANY PRE-FEAST – Monday, January 4th. Divine Liturgy at 7:30 am; Vespers at 5:30 pm.

THEOPHANY VIGIL – Tuesday, January 5th. Royal Hours at 7:30 am. Vespers at 2:00 pm. Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great and Water Blessing at 3:00 pm. Great Compline and Lytia at 8:00 pm.

FEAST OF THEOPHANY – Wed. January 6. Great Matins at 7:30 am. Divine Liturgy (Eng) at 9:30 am. Divine Liturgy (Ukr) at 11:15 am. Divine Liturgy and Water blessing (Bilingual) at 7:00 pm.

NEEDY FUND – The funds collected have been distributed to the following charities: Marian Centre, Bissell Centre, Hope Mission, CNEWA Canada, Lurana Women’s Shelter, The Back Porch, Ukrainian Social Services, and the Mustard Seed. Sincerest thanks to all donors!

CHRISTMAS/RIZDVO ARTWORK CONTEST – sponsored by the UCWLC – Eparchy of Edmonton. Any students Grades 1-12 are invited to submit an original piece of artwork (no larger than 8.5’’ by 11’’ page). The winning art will be used to publish 2021 Christmas cards. The top winner in each category (Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, Grades 10-12) will receive a monetary prize of $50.00. Entries must illustrate some aspect of the birth of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels or illustrate Ukrainian Christmas traditions (no Santas, reindeer, elves, or presents). Submission deadline: Friday, January 29, 2020. Please send entries in one of two ways: 1) send scanned JPEG (300 dpi)  or PDF file of the original work to: or

2) mail the original artwork to Christmas/Rizdvo Arwork Contest, 13908 86th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5E 3C1.

YOUNGER COMMUNITY MEMBERS – The UCWLC (Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada) has a Ukrainian Museum that is presently housed in the lower level of St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Edmonton. We’ve embarked on a project to relocate our museum to a larger facility with more space for display, storage, educational programming, and special events. Thur far, a partial Board of Directors has been established and planning has begun. However, to sustain this museum and provide continuity well into the future, we need young people to become involved in this project now. We understand that in this age group, you are busy with work, some have growing families and generally, life is very busy. Whatever time you could devote to this project at this time and in the years ahead with the possibility of becoming more involved in the future as one’s life changes, would be of benefit. If you are passionate about saving our Ukrainian  artifacts and making them available for others to become familiar with and in this way elevating our cultural presence in society or are enrolled in museum studies, then we invite you to join our team. We are also looking for people in this age group with specialized knowledge in accounting, fundraising and legal matters. For more information and/or to submit your name, please contact Joyce Chrunik-Rudiak (project chair) at 780-467-0141 or Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and hope to hear from you soon.

JOSAPHAT BOOKSTORE – is open upon request. To make arrangements, please contact Ivone Shewchuk at 587-709-5193 or

DIRECT DEPOSIT –You may have your church donations regularly transferred to the Cathedral on a monthly basis. If you are interested in beginning in February, please fill out a form and have it into the office no later than January 24, 2021. The form is available: 1. online at our website, 2. you may request one from the parish office, or 3. you may send an email addressed to Andrea Szabo with your request to All pre-authorized direct deposits are withdrawn on the first business day of each month to help defray the cost of processing fees for the Cathedral.  To calculate your monthly donation amount, simply take your weekly donation and multiply it by 52 (weeks) and divide by 12 (months).  

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Bishop David Motiuk

Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton

Reverend Clergy,

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

The Government of Alberta updated its COVID-19 restrictions as of November 24, which are in place for at least the next three weeks.

Faith communities are often significant aspects of people’s lives and include intimate and close contact between members. This measure will help limit exposure at these activities, reducing outbreaks and protecting vulnerable members who attend.

Regarding places of worship, the new measures include: In areas of enhanced status, for example Calgary and Edmonton (enhanced status purple areas), a maximum of 1/3 normal attendance and held at normal location, including rental spaces like a community hall.

In the Calgary and Edmonton areas, masks are mandatory, unless you have a medical exemption. Those choosing not to wear a mask will not be permitted to enter the church for the safety of other parishioners. In some other areas, masks are also mandatory according to local bylaw. For all other areas, masks are recommended.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

NOTE (Nov. 27th clarification): Those who are not able to wear a mask for medical reasons can be exempt from this regulation. Pastors are asked to ensure that volunteers are not policing people. If there is an instance in which someone is not wearing a mask or refuses to wear one, volunteers should refer this matter to the Pastor, and the Pastor should address the issue with delicacy, discretion and gentleness” (Instructions for Greeters and Volunteers, Roman Catholic Bishops of Alberta).

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

For all areas throughout the entire Province of Alberta:

  • Two-metre physical distancing between households must be maintained.
  • Hand-sanitizing at entrance/exit to church is required.
  • The faithful are required to sign-in upon entry for tracking purposes should someone present as COVID-19 positive.
  • Ushers are to remind the faithful of the above requirements.
  • Recited liturgies are encouraged. Where singing is practiced, no congregational singing. Rather, a cantor may lead the responses, while the faithful remain prayerfully silent.
  • Online liturgical services are encouraged.
  • In-person faith group meetings can continue but physical distancing and public health measures must be followed.
  • Receptions are not permitted.
  • Maximum of 10 people for weddings, funerals, and baptisms.
    • This includes the officiant, bride/groom, and witnesses
    • This does not include staff or organizers who are not considered an invited guest
    • This applies to any facility, including places of worship and funeral homes.
    • This includes services held indoors or outdoors, seated, or non-seated.

Kindly include these reminders in your parish-bulletins and websites. It will also be helpful to announce the pertinent measures at the beginning of each liturgical service, especially with the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord approaching, with some of our faithful in attendance who may not be familiar with the practices during the pandemic.

My prayers are with you and your faithful as we journey through Saint Philip’s Fast, preparing ourselves for the birth of our Lord.

God bless,

Bishop David