Adult Initiation

If you are interested in becoming Catholic, and would like to begin preparation for full Christian Initiation through Baptism and/or Christmation and/or Holy Eucharist…

St. Josaphat Cathedral is offering the following programs for the
Initiation of Adults into the Ukrainian Catholic Church



This is an initial period of faith inquiry and evangelization. It begins with the candidate’s desire to be baptized and is followed with a basic introduction to the Christ faith. If the candidate wishes to proceed, he/she is received as a “catechumen” (a non-baptized member of the Church, an adult preparing for Baptism).

The Reception of Catechumens usually takes place in May-June (Sunday of All Saints), but take place at any time of the year.

Catechumenate Program

This program consists of two parts.

In the first part, usually over the summer, catechumens are expected to work on their own, reading through the four Gospels and the New Testament and other selected passages from Holy Scripture.

The second part of the program begins in mid-September, with regular attendance at weekly classes on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm.. The program will end on Holy Friday, with the Rite of Completion of the Catechumenate.

The proper preparation of adults for Holy Baptism requires a commitment to regular weekly faith instruction over a period of eight months.

Christian Initiation

The full initiation into the Catholic Church takes place through the celebration of three Holy Mysteries: Holy Baptism, Holy Chrismation (Anointing with Holy Chrism) and Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion). This takes place on Holy Saturday, during the Easter Vigil Service. New baptized adults are first to receive Holy Communion on Easter Sunday. There are also several follow-up sessions which take place after the Baptism.


The final stage is called “Mystagogy,” which means “to uncover the Mysteries.” This is the follow-up program of post-baptismal instruction, which focuses on the explanation of the Divine Liturgy, the Holy Mysteries, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, personal vocation and service within the Church.

Interested and would like to begin preparation for full Christian Initiation through Baptism and/or Christmation and Holy Eucharist?

Contact the parish office or
Program coordinator:  Ed Hecker at 780-483-4707, or