Prayer Requests

Are you or someone you know suffering or going into a challenging time?  Lord have mercy!

The St. Josaphat Apostleship of Prayer Group counts it a privilege to pray for you and your needs.

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Your request are ministered by Barb Shipman and members receive a list of prayer intentions for the week, usually on Mondays.  In critical times requests are sent out as needed and remembered in silence by the Clergy during Divine Liturgies.

There are 3 ways to make a request:

  1. Contact Barb Shipman at .
  2. Leave the intention at the prayer box that the Cathedral
  3. OR fill in the form.
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5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Prayer Request for my buddy Kaz , Kazimierz Kozina is the full name, semi truck driver , 18 wheeler driver , younger male 30’s
    with mother and father Mr. Richard Kozina and brother Waldek with wife and children taxi driver ,
    They do reside in here in Edmonton , they are from poland east europe
    father is retired i heard he’s taking a trip to poland for three months ,
    Kaz told me his liver is hurting him , and he can’t sleep ,
    and also told his health in general isn’t too well ,
    Kaz has another two years before he can pay off his tractor truck , and recently he hasn’t had much work , last week two trips , this week he had his semi truck inspection it’s a Kenworth t700 or something white kenworth his business name kaziu trucking
    Prayer Request for kaz and his health first , then his work , and prayer request for his mother , father and brother her whole family i ask in jesus christ name ,

  2. Gratitude and infinite forgiveness for all and without
    exception so far;
    “May all the requests of my heart be eternal, and that
    they are much more than my heart is asked
    for me all is to the honor and glory of God;
    “Just happiness and good things;
    -Work / urgent work !!!!!!
    -For all souls (without exception);
    -To all my ancestors (without exception);
    “I entrust all the miracles I need and deserve, as do all my
    plans, dreams and all my life;
    – By my residence: Helena Zerrener Street, n. 140, Fit 52, Neighborhood
    Liberdade / Sé, São Paulo / SP, all my neighbors (without exception),
    surroundings, region, SP and all !!! Just fleiness and
    Boas COISAS !!!!! I am as blessed as possible and impossible (nothing
    it is for me, everything is for the honor and glory of God)! Infinite
    gratitude !!!!!!!!
    -A husband / companion / dream girl, as well as children and family too !!!!!
    -Forever Young!!!!!
    -I trust the people’s vision regarding where I live and my house !!!!!
    -I trust all my fears, anxieties and worries !!!!
    -I trust everything I did, without exception, to keep myself in the presence of God !!!!!!

  3. Family protection prayer requests against Proverb 6−16 wrongdoer japanese groups here in Japan.Tailing persistent continuing in Japan,even American lady had to move 4times because of tailing here in Japan.In my case,at sacred place like school,toilet,bathroom,book stores,library,grave yard,restaurant,mall etc.Secondary school teachers said there are no concept of human rights,privacy policy here.Undisciplined,uncultivated,some teacher told us this kind of fanatic attitudes cause world war 2 .

  4. lord jesus help me to stop being so hateful to peter only being supportive an full of love love love love love

  5. Family protection prayer request against Proverb 6−16 wrongdoer Mamoru my brother and his wife. Mamoru ruined our home with his wife,his wife is proud of inclemency,cruelity of her character. I need to take care of my mother close to 90,but they disturbed us all the times.Please pray for Mamoru that he can get reformed,discipline education experience as soon as possible.

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