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Luke 6:17-23- Keep your Eyes on the Flag!

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Do you enjoy playing golf? I’m not too good at it myself, but I really enjoy heading out on a warm summer day and embarrassing myself for an afternoon.

Some of the courses that golfers take on can be quite challenging where you are not sure where it is that you are supposed to be shooting for. It is always a relief when you can see the flag off in the distance, pointing you to your destination.

This is what the Beatitudes do for us, brothers and sisters. They point us to where heaven is. Although we live in a world where “common sense” (which is becoming must less common) tells us that suffering is to be avoided at all costs, Our Lord shows us that being hungry, mocked, excluded and hated can actually be a confirmation of following the correct path to Him, assuming this trouble comes our way from proclaiming the Gospel. When we are persecuted the way the prophets were persecuted, instead of turning back, we need to press on to the final destination!

When doubts arise and we don’t know the direction we are to follow, keep your eyes on the flag, which you will discover is actually a cross, and it will surely lead you to your Father’s Kingdom.

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

As we continue our reading of the Gospel of Luke, we see the ultimate trajectory of the Son of Man. He must enter Jerusalem to be mocked, tortured and killed. The disciples do not understand what is happening as these events are “hidden from them,” and we can’t really hold that against them, as the Messiah was supposed to usher in a time of political and military triumph for the Chosen People, or so they thought. Things become clearer only after those three days Our Lord mentions, and this is their legacy to us- we know better…or at least we should!

Often times we make assumptions based on a Christian worldview which we think is shared by society. We are surprised and outraged when Our Lord is mocked in the public square. It should certainly upset us, but we should not be surprised by it. Christ did not come to establish a Christian nation, He came to make us citizens of an even more amazing kingdom. We must not be surprised by the hostility surrounding us, at the end of the day we don’t really belong here, we are meant for another world.

But that’s no reason to stop living, acting and loving in this world, spreading the Gospel and trying to live godly lives right here and now. Our Lord went to Jerusalem, and what’s more, told His disciples that they too were going there with Him. We as Christians must follow Him there too, and be prepared to be mocked, hated and perhaps even killed for the One who died for us.

The two questions for us today, brothers and sisters, are:

  1. What is my response to the Lord? Do I respond like Peter in another account by trying to dissuade Our Lord from going down to Jerusalem (Matthew 16:22), or like Thomas who states “let us also go and die with Him.” (John 11:16)
  2. What “Jerusalems” are there in my life that I am afraid to visit with the gospel? How can I preach the Good News there through my words and actions despite resistance?

Brothers and sisters, let us continue on this road, knowing that it will bring us through Jerusalem, but also to the Lord’s ultimate Resurrection and gift of His heavenly Kingdom!

Glory be to Jesus Christ!