Church Tour

Power-point Presentations

2016 03 North South Transepts (Virtual Tour)

2016 04 West East Nave Iconostasis (Virtual Tour)

2016 05 Holy Altar (Virtual Tour)


Textual Explanations

  1. Architecture
  2. The Artistry of the Cathedral
  3. The Sanctuary (Holy of Holies)
  4. Paintings in the Cupola and Drum
  5. The Emblems The ship The phoenix The pelican The Prophet Isaiah The Prophet Jeremiah The Prophet Ezekiel The Prophet Daniel
  6. The Evangelists
  7. The Nave
  8. The Extended Transepts
  9. The Transept Chapel of the Mother of God The Annunciation The Betrothal of Mary and Joseph The Nativity of Christ The Meeting of our Lord The Dormition of the Mother of God
  10. The Transept Chapel of St. Basil the Great The Baptism of Jesus Christ’s Entry into Jerusalem The Transfiguration
  11. Iconostas

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2 thoughts on “Church Tour

  1. Lorraine Ross

    I am presently teaching an intensive art history course at Kings university. Is it possible to arrange a tour for a group of 14 students. They cover a section on Byzantine art and I think a visit to your church would be very appropriate.

    1. stjosaphat Post author

      All tours are welcome you can contact the parish office and they will be more then happy to make the arrangements.

      10825 – 97 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta
      9:30 am – 4:30 pm (Monday-Friday)

      t. 780.422.3181
      f. 780.425.7517


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