Successful and Happy Parenthood

As Presented by Patriarch Sviatoslav

  • A child is presented by the Lord our God to his/her father and mother as a fruit of their love. In order to grow and develop spiritually, psychologically and physically, a child needs love. Parents, love your children!
  • A child needs both father and mother. Church in its social doctrine says that a child has the right to family life, and needs both father and mother in order to grow and develop fully and integrally. In such a family there are all necessary conditions for his/her proper upbringing.
  • There are wounded families, when someone is missing, then a community tries to help in raising a child. However, no one can fully replace the father for a child.
  • Parents – are first essentially important teachers for a child. Their primary duty is to raise children to love and to be responsible.
  • Children need to see in their parents’ behavior an example to follow. That model, which they receive during their upbringing, they will follow all their lives.
  • One can become a great and wise man only by being brought up in the family of wise parents.
  • It’s important to know how to raise children as free people, according to the understanding of the existing notions of freedom. In particular, in the Christian sense, true freedom means a person’s ability to choose good things.
  • The children need to be correctly motivated. Then we will be able to find the key to their hearts in order to teach them to be conscious, wise and responsible.
  • What is important for parents becomes important for children. If a child sees that his/her father and mother pray daily in the morning and evening, he/she will follow their behavior.
  • Father and mother must lead their child into the invisible, spiritual world. Since the sense of our earthly life lies in the proper preparing for eternity.
  • The way you treat your parents, your children will treat you.
  • If children see that their mother says one thing and does another, the validity of everything you teach them, will be shaken in their eyes.

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Venerable Paul of Thebes

Venerable Paul of Thebes(From
Saint Paul of Thebes was born in Egypt around 227 in the Thebaid of Egypt. Left orphaned, he suffered many things from a greedy relative over his inheritance. During the persecution against Christians under the emperor Decius (249-251), Saint Paul learned of his brother-in-law’s insidious plan to deliver him into the hands of the persecutors, and so he fled the city and fled into the wilderness.

Settling into a mountain cave, Saint Paul dwelt there for ninety-one years, praying incessantly to God both day and night. He sustained himself on dates and bread, which a raven brought him, and he clothed himself with palm leaves.

Saint Anthony the Great (January 17), who also lived as an ascetic in the Thebaid desert, had a revelation from God concerning Saint Paul. Saint Anthony thought that there was no other desert dweller such as he. Then God said to him, “Anthony, there is a servant of God more excellent than you, and you should go and see him.” Continue reading

Mark 8:30-34- Go for the Gold!

Christ is Born!

Do you have dreams of being an Olympic athlete? When I was in grade school I had a number of friends who wanted to play in the NHL. By High School some of these friends were training very hard to make the cut- they only attended school for certain classes, took special training programs during the day and worked very hard to catch up on the studies they had missed in the evening after their training.

The cost of professional athletics is incredible! Striving for athletic excellence changes what you eat, what you do in your spare time (if you have any), the type of relationships you can develop etc. The sacrifices involved for a gold medal are pretty steep, and yet they are nothing compared to true discipleship and embracing the mission the Lord has called you to!

In our reading today, St. Peter tries to dissuade our Lord from making the sacrifice He came to make for our salvation. Not understanding, he tried to turn Him from the cross. Our Lord reminds Peter, and us, that it is impossible to love both the world and the Lord at the same time. Which master will we serve? Our Lord died for the world out of love for us, but it is possible for us to idolize safety, comfort, control etc., and trade our vocation. Unknowingly, we would become slaves of the world, not sons and daughters of the King.

Today, take a look at your life- what are the things slowing you down from completing the mission that Christ has given you? What are the temptations which need to be turned down for you to pursue the Kingdom?

Christ is Born!