Restoration Update – June 12, 2016

Reverened Father Peter BabejFrom the Pastor’s Desk

Dear brothers and sisters,

 Cathedral DrawingAs you well know, access to our north entrance and elevator has been restricted due to the construction work area and the scaffolding on the north side of the cathedral. Our apologies for the inconvenience! To provide alternate access to the elevator for those using walkers or wheelchairs, we have reserved several parking spots in front of the Cathedral (on 97th Street) for handicap parking. If you need to use the elevator, please park on 97th Street for better access!

This past week, the plan for scaffolding the main dome and other domes – as proposed by Kova Engineering – was approved. Cathedral under constriuctionThe engineer working on the design is the same person who designed scaffolding for the Cathedral restoration in 1989!

As mentioned last week, in order to reach to top of the main cupola (at an elevation of 97 feet) and other domes, scaffolding footings will need to rest on the roof itself. Standard Scaffolding Inc. will continue to work with Kova Engineering to ensure that the scaffolding is properly installed and that the weight is equally distributed on the roof. An octagonal scaffold will be built surrounding the main cupola, with side brackets and cantilevers to provide access to all areas, including the cross. Installation will begin sometime this week.

Peter Caron and his team will continue with wood repairs and painting on the north east dome. Work will also begin on the south east dome.

Also this week, Scorpio Masonry Inc. is scheduled to begin the steam cleaning the cathedral brick work.

Fr. Peter Babej


NO MORNING LITURGY – June 14th to 17th

June 2016NO MORNING LITURGY this week
8 AM | June 14 to June 17
8 AM Tuesday, June 14
8 AM Wednesday, June 15 
5 PM Wednesday, June 15 (June-Sept.) 
8 AM Thursday, June 16 
8 AM Friday, June 17

8 AM on Monday, June 13th

Have a blessed week!

Restoration Update – June 5, 2016

Reverened Father Peter BabejFrom the Pastor’s Desk

Dear brothers and sisters,

The process of setting up scaffolding continues! According to the schedule prepared by Clark Builders, the erection of scaffolding will continue for the next two weeks. All of the scaffolding is currently free-standing, however, as we go up and around the domes, footings will need to rest on the roof itself. The biggest challenge of course, will be the main dome. Continue reading

Pope Francis on marriage

Pope Francis on marriage

It’s not about the dress or photos. It’s about the mission.

By Ann Schneible- Catholic News Agency

Marriage is more than the wedding ceremony, the flowers, the dress, the photos, Pope Francis said in his weekly general audience: it is a participation in the Church’s mission.

“Men and women, courageous enough to carry this treasure in the ‘earthen vessels’ of our humanity… are an essential resource for the Church, as well as for the whole world!”

Speaking to the crowds gathered in Saint Peter’s Square for his weekly catechesis, the Pope explained that each marriage which demonstrates the beauty of the sacrament enriches the life of the Church. In the same way, it “is impoverished when marriage is disfigured in any way.”

Since the end of last fall, Pope Francis has been centering his Wednesday catechesis on the theme of family as part of the lead-up to the World Day of Families in September, as well as October’s Synod of Bishops on the Family.

During his May 6 address, the pontiff referenced Saint Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, in which the apostle makes the analogy between the love between spouses and Christ’s love for the Church: namely, that “a husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the Church, by giving himself completely for her.”

The spiritual sense of this analogy is “revolutionary,” yet also simple and attainable for all who trust in God’s grace, the Pope said.

Regardless of their limitations and sins, men and women are able to live out their marriage, the pontiff said, because it “has been inscribed in creation’s design by God.”

“The Christian vocation to love, without reserve and without measure, with Christ’s grace, is the basis of the free consent which constitutes marriage,” he added.

Pope Francis also reflected on another characteristic of marriage: the choice to “marry in the Lord.” This decision, he said, carries with it a “missionary dimension,” through the willingness to be a channel of God’s grace and blessings for everyone.

Christian spouses are participants in the Church’s mission, the Pope said, insofar as they live for all people, not just for themselves.

Pope Francis challenged the faithful to ask themselves whether they – as believers and pastors – accept the “unbreakable bond” between Christ and the Church, and the history of marriage and family.

“Are we prepared to seriously accept this responsibility, which is that every marriage follows the path of love which Christ has with the Church?” he asked.

Parish Picnic @Oselia
Sunday, June 5
Divine Liturgy at Oselia – 11 am
BBQ at Noon, Games at 1 pm

Parish-PicnicActivities planned: outdoor Divine Liturgy at 11:00 am, barbque lunch at noon, fun and games and 4:30 pm departure.

Please fill out the registration to let us know how many people are coming and how many require transportation by bus!   MORE DETAILS….

St Josaphat Hearing Enabled


If you use a hearing aid and have difficulty hearing in church, please come on Thursday, June 2nd, at 9:00 am for a special demonstration on how to use new receivers for the hearing impaired.