Who is coming to town??

saint-nicholasSt. Nicholas!

St. Josaphat Cathedral
December 6th, @ 9:30 AM Divine Liturgy
followed by a special program in the parish hall!

Attention: Registration forms are available at all the entrances.  If you are a godparent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, please pass on a form to any family you know with children! We ask that all registrations forms be submitted by November 29th.

Register online here

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Nativity of our Lord Jesus

The Nativity Fast

An important date to circle on your calendar is November 14th, the Feast of the Apostle Philip. At the close of this feast, in the evening, with the celebration of Vespers, the St. Philip’s Fast begins on November 15th, also known as the “Nativity Fast” or the “Advent Fast.”

To observe this Fast, we need first to understand what it is. In fact, it is one of four periods of fast which precede four great feasts of our liturgical calendar. Like the Great Fast which precedes the Great Paschal Feast of Easter, the Nativity Fast lasts forty days; other, shorter fasts precede the feasts of SS. Peter and Paul (June 29th) and the Dormition of the Mother of God (August 15th). The idea behind all these fasts is simple: They are times of spiritual preparation for the feasts which they precede. In a sense, it is the spiritual equivalent of what wise people likely do before Thanksgiving Dinner: they limit their food intake in the hours and days beforehand so as to take full advantage of the rich abundance of the feast itself; our four fasts are similar. Continue reading

St. Josaphat, Archbishop and Martyr

St. Josaphat, Archbishop and Martyr

St. Josaphat was born in the year 1580, in the city of Volodymyr (Belarus). His parents, Gabriel and Maryna Kuntsevych, named him John. When he was four or five years old, while his mother was explaining the icon of Jesus crucified, he felt a spark of divine love fall into his heart. It never went away. From that day, he always remembered going to church with joy, to read and to sing, to pray and to meditate upon God.

In the year 1604, at the age of twenty-four, John entered the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Vilna, which was in communion with Rome. At his tonsure, he took the name Josaphat. As a monk, he followed the monastic rule faithfully, singing the full cycle of liturgical services and unceasingly praying the Jesus Prayer: “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” To all he became an example of a perfect monk.

Josaphat was ordained priest in 1609 and dedicated himself to the cause of church unity. Many of the faithful would come to the monastery church to hear him preach. His sermons were intelligent, full of spirit, convincing and effective. With zeal, he spoke about the importance of unity; and celebrating the Divine Liturgy, he took on the appearance of an angel. Eventually he became the hegumen (superior) of the monastery, and with time, the archimandrite, overseeing the life of several monasteries.

Consecrated as archbishop of Polotsk (Belarus) in the year 1617, Josaphat worked diligently to bring about renewal within the church, to promote catechesis, education, good preaching, charity and service to the poor. Despite all his duties as a bishop, he remained faithful to his monastic rule.

In his zeal to promote unity, St. Josaphat made friends and enemies. He died a martyr’s death at the hands of those who opposed him, on November 12, 1623, at the age of forty-four.

Feast Day: November 12


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Archangel Michael of Mantamados

Archangel Michael of Mantamados

Archangel Michael of Mantamados (Gr. O Μανταμάδος) refers to a miraculous icon of the Archangel Michael on the island of Lesvos and is one of the four miraculous icons of the Archangel in the Dodecanese of Greece. The monastery is known locally as Taxiarches (the “Archangel”) and the feast of the icon is celebrated on November 8 (the Synaxis of the Bodiless Powers) and September 6 (the Miracle at Colossae).
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Archangel Michael with Satan pinned underfoot.

Archangel Michael

The Holy Archangel Michael is one of the most celebrated of the Angels and bodiless powers; he is called the Archistrategos, or “Chief Commander” of all the bodiless powers. According to Holy Scripture and Tradition, he has interceded for humanity multiple times and continues to serve as the Defender of the Faith. St Michael is most often invoked for protection from invasion by enemies and from civil war, and for the defeat of adversaries on the field of battle. He is celebrated primarily on November 8, the Synaxis of Michael and all the Bodiless Powers of Heaven; September 6 also marks the miracle of the Archangel at Colossae.
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