Divine Liturgy Time Change AheadBeginning this Sunday
October 5

In response to the results of our initial survey and our recent vote on Sunday Liturgy times, and taking into the account the needs of young families, the English Sunday Divine Liturgy will be moved from 9:00 am to 9:30 am.
Sunday, October 5

  • 9 AM – Rosary Prayer 
  • 9:30 AMDivine Liturgy in English
  • 11:00 AMDivine Liturgy in Ukrainian

“Go Out Into the Deep and Lower Your Nets” Luke 5:1-11

The Calling Of The Apostles Peter And AndrewAs you well know, St. Peter was in the fishing business when Jesus first met him. He was a fisherman, and most likely very good at what he did for a living. We can safely say that he was an “expert” at his trade.

But like all who are in business, particularly fishermen and farmers, there are some years that are good, and some years that are not so good. Fishermen know that on some days they can use all the skills they have, and yet their efforts are to no avail. They return home with little or nothing to show for their day’s efforts.

Today’s Gospel account finds Peter in one of those days. Simon Peter and his partners had been fishing all night and caught absolutely nothing. We find him on the next morning ashore, washing his nets and getting ready to go home empty-handed. Continue reading

P​rayer to the Mother of God

Father Peter in the Divine Liturgy’s homily (17th Sunday after Pentecost) reminds us to include the our morning prayers a devotional prayer to the Mother of God.

BVM - Deposition of the Holy SashMary, Most Holy Mother of God, I entrust​ ​myself to you completely as my spiritual​ ​mother. At every moment of my life protect​ ​and guide me. Teach me to grow in the likeness​ ​of your Son, our God and Saviour, Jesus​ ​Christ.


This prayer can be found in the Beneath the Mantle of Your Mercy – A Devotional Prayer Book.

Mother of God

The Protection of our Most Holy Lady the Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary

Troparion & Kontakion
The Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos:

“Today the Virgin stands in the midst of the Church, and with choirs of Saints she invisibly prays to God for us. Angels and Bishops venerate Her, Apostles and prophets rejoice together, since for our sake she prays to the Eternal God!”

This miraculous appearance of the Mother of God occurred in the mid-tenth century in Constantinople, in the Blachernae church where her robe, veil, and part of her belt were preserved after being transferred from Palestine in the fifth century. Continue reading

The Parable of the Talents

Gifts from God

Gifts from GodIt is good to often remind ourselves and our children, that nothing really belongs to us. “All is grace” (St. Therese). Everything is a gift from God, the Creator, Lord and Master of all. The sun and the entire universe – it all belong to God. The Earth upon which we live has been entrusted to us that we, as God’s stewards, tend to it and take care of it on His behalf. Continue reading

Synodal letter to the faithful of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church and to all people of good will regarding the social and political situation in Ukraine of the eve of parliamentary elections

UGCC Synod of Bishops

Be not afraid nor be troubled, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you will go (Joshua 1:9)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For almost a year, our entire nation has been on a pilgrimage to authentic freedom. After having gone through a liberating experience with the revolution of dignity, we then endured a tragic armed conflict, the annexation of Crimea, and military incursion into Eastern Ukraine by a neighbouring country. We are living through a difficult economic crisis and are constantly facing challenges in the political sphere. How can we be certain that God is with us? Continue reading

The Leave-Taking of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Angel Ponte Sant Angelo crossTODAY, SEPT 21: For most major feasts of the Christian year, the feast continues to be celebrated for several days. This is known as the postfeast. Last Sunday, we celebrated the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

The postfeast was celebrated from Monday to Saturday. Today, Sunday, September 21, is the leavetaking of the feast. The leavetaking (Greek: ἀπόδοσις (apodosis); Slavonic: отдание (otdaniye)) (also known as apodosis or conclusion) of a feast is the final day a feast is celebrated in the Church. In most cases it follows a postfeast.

On the leavetaking, most elements of the festal services are appointed to be served again.