Sister Servant fulfils childhood dream with final vows: Grandin Media Article

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“I’ve lived this vocation for nine years, so in some ways I’m just continuing to develop a lifelong journey I’m already on. In another way, I’m finally saying ‘forever.’ I’m not saying, ‘God I will serve you today, I’m serving you for tomorrow, or for one more year.’ Now it’s ‘God, I’m yours completely and totally forever  ̶  no matter what happens.’” ~Sr. Emily Schietzsch

Update on Our Communications!

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Привіт! My name is Ben J. Windsor, I am currently helping St. Josaphat’s Cathedral digitize our message! Over the past nine months we have slowly been updating how we communicate by…

  • Redesigning the Cathedral website
  • Starting social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Keeping website information up-to-date and uploading new content
  • Uploading church photography and videos

We do have more planned for the future, the completion dates are still unknown. A few things we have on the drawing board are;

  • Fr. Peter is looking into uploading Divine Liturgies to the website and live streaming
  • Online donations are being organized
  • Making tickets for Cathedral events available for purchase on our website

If you have any questions or suggestions about our media coordination, feel free to send me an email at We are also looking for individuals interested in web design and social media management experience to help us out!